From Berlin to Australia

In February this year, we emigrated Down Under. In addition to mostly consenting responses, frequently heard questions were; why Australia, what do you hope to find there, and what kind of work will you be looking for? 

Our response was (and still is) that we only have some vague ideas but ultimately I want to continue my work in conservation. First, we travel a bit, go with the flow, adventure, and settle in a place that we like and where there is work. So we don’t know exactly what, how or where, but that’s part of the experience.

So, the reason for moving to this marvelous country was thanks to my wife. We started our journey with a mandatory two-week quarantine, due to COVID-19, at the Pullman medi-hotel in Adelaide, SA. Enough time to contemplate and of course write something. What exactly, you will read in due time on my blog

Despite an increasingly dire situation, we had a comfortable time in our room. The pics below give an impression of our stay at the hotel in Adelaide CBD. Enjoy reading!

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